Thursday, August 19, 2010

8-7-2010 Tosser

Been awhile! Too many legitimate excuses, no point in typing rationalizations. These photographs are older than some. From when Jessica was around a few weeks ago.

We went to a park in Auburn that I used to spend large chunks of time in during the summer. A type of day camp was setup there. We kids used to run that damn place. Chants for food that went unanswered resulted in widespread chaos and disarray. Marching en masse across the park yelling in semi-unison "OOOOOOOREO, WHOAAAAAAAO!" was a daily occurrence. We thought the combination of the winged monkeys from Oz and oreo cookies was something extremely clever to be looked forward to with relish.

So we walked about. There were still kids in the pool when we got there. A few birthday parties, some couples having picnic dinners. And me, wildly flinging my camera around in a bid to gather some interesting unanticipated images through the method of camera tossing. Fair amount of success. You can just see Jessicas head in the bottom left image. Top left image was taken on the back roads drive home, didn't realize that peacocks and deer were on such good terms.