Friday, October 21, 2011


Portraits of severe looking old men do not mix well with action shots of kids playing. But that is what I took photos of today so DEAL.

I'm teaching a photography class at a charter school in Tahoe. We don't have cameras (I brought my own today) so the class invariably devolves into art/PE. And that's fine. Each day has a specific country that we focus on, so after viewing and discussing shots of New Zealand we went outside and I told the kids to find things for me to take photos of, the catch being that they have to direct me. Lots of loaded questions on my part.
These kids are rad. Hard to get kindergarteners to sit still for more than five photos, but whatever.
I think we'll turn a classroom into a camera obscura next week.

The old dude was at a rest area I stopped at. Chugged a carbonated caffeine drink, turned around and saw his majestic hair sculpture.
Had to ask.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Things Have Looked Like This For Awhile

Recent photos.
Snap shots really. I realized that recently.
A few weeks ago I started working with my favorite professor again, long distance.
It felt a little uncomfortable and strange developing a concept and going through the motions of working on images, seeing how they feel.

I realized that No Not Though is mostly snap shot type photography.
Which is fine.
But it's good to struggle for the work to satisfy me.

I edited some of these in the messed-with-so-that-it-looks-like-faded-slides way.
Because I hadn't done that before and some of the photos looked old to me.
So there.