Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6-8-2011 Some Buildings Look Like Tents If It's Early Enough

Getting up early is weird. IT'S WEIRD. All the shadows are pointed the wrong way and I'm all "NO! Shadows what the hell are you doing?! SOMEBODY IS TRICKING YOU!" But they just keep on doing their wrongfaced business.

I took these photographs this morning. Last night on the way to work I noticed that the Newcastle Portugese Hall was all tented up for fumigation. I thought it would probably look nice with a glowing morning light behind it. The image I had in my mind also happened to be about 50 feet above Taylor Road. What I ended up taking was from the top of a 4 foot ladder in the bike lane on the side of the road. SOMEDAY I will be crazy famous and people will beg me to shut down their roads with cranes so I can take a photograph I want.

The rest of these are from the chunk of Newcastle that butts up against the railroad track. That conductor was positive he was going to kill me. I got out of his way and waved. I'm certain he appreciated both gestures.

I'll probably start doing this more often. It felt good.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6-6-2011 Bugs 'n Flowers 'n Stuff

I took all these out in my yard. Went out with my 300mm and monopod, looking for some birds. But there were no birds. There was one jay harassing the little yellow birds nesting in our fig tree but that was it. Sometimes our house at the top of the ridge is bird central, not today. So I pointed my lens down instead of up.

I'm thinking about giving these photographs actual titles, something I rarely do with any amount of seriousness. I once took a photo of a cup in front of a door and called it "Lethe Door For Liquor." For no reason. More recently I've been leaving photos untitled or giving them document style titles like "Newcastle Elementary Playground on 7-8-2010." But for these buggy plant photos I am thinking about stuff like "This Is A Photo About How Moths Are Mysterious," or "Sometimes Plants Look Like Cities and Insects Look Like People."
I think that would be fun.