Friday, July 16, 2010

7-16-2010 Nevada City, Distorted and Devilish

Howdy howdy. Talked to more realtors today. Getting sick of talking instead of shooting, but that is an aside. We shall see where this leads. Headed up to Nevada City with my mother to re-shoot her cabin, I'm trying to get in to real estate offices meetings for brief presentations and I would need some examples of my work for that to be useful.

Spent all day spent. Awake enough while I was attempting to sell myself on the altar of real estate, but something sapped me. Bah. Talk of being tired is tiresome in itself. Didn't take my camera kayaking because I still don't trust the environment involved not to destroy my beloved. Need a waterproof casing.

The images come from around my moms cabin. Picked up on something sinister. The bottom right was the first image, the one that defined the rest. The twisted version of typical domestic things got somewhere, maybe it still has some place to go. Feeling heavy on Clark Ashton Smith/H.P. Lovecraft's ideas of areas being twisted and malign by default. Not to say that this area is nasty, though the cabin sits on cliffs that were carved by placer mining techniques. This soil has been grievously disturbed and the old things inside it have been exposed.
I just heard what I believe to be a shotgun blast in the valley below.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7-13-2010 Small Trips for Wide Angles

Today was today was today was a library and Kinkos day. Today was supposed to be a lets-go-talk-to-real-estate-agents-and-get-them-to-use-my-services day, but I wasn't ready. Had do design a brochure and get a price check on business card printing. Yet they still aren't printed. Huh. Bigger plans for tomorrow then.

I still have wide angle fever. In an effort to show my mother how much the 10mm can fit in a frame, I accidentally shot my entire ceiling. Decided that carrying lenses in cases on my belt is not stupid or nerdy, it's just damn useful. Used all of the lenses I brought with me when I went to the library. Tried to take a rad photo journalistic shot of some occurrence involving the fire department and a tacoma parked in an off ramp, but I was a few seconds late.

My lamp attracts bugs and those bugs attract spiders. Can't open my damn window because the screen is too old and scared to hold out the gnashing amalgamation of ferocious spiders and their victims. At least I got this cool photograph of a spider with my dog trotting around in the background for the trouble.

Monday, July 12, 2010

7-12-2010 The All-Mighty 10mm

Arriving home today was a strangely foreboding and exciting event. I wasn't sure if my dog would be alive. I was
also unsure if my new photography equipment had arrived. As it turns out both were present and found where they were expected to be, my dog in her kennel and the equipment on my desk.

I ordered a new 10mm f/2.8 Sigma lens, along with a new battery and CF card. I still owe my father 200$ for the lens. The reason for the lens purchase is my new real estate job, but that doesn't mean I can't use it for other things right? Bet your ass that's right. This lens is a piece of work. The minimum focusing distance is something like an inch. You can jam it right up in someones face and the photograph the camera captures still has some background information.

These images are of spaces around my house. I kept getting my limbs in the shots on accident, I had no idea how exciting that would be. Tomorrow I start talking to real estate agents, convincing them that my speed and quality is worth their time and dime; which is, in its own dim way, mildly exciting.