Thursday, December 16, 2010

12-16-2010 Doncha Gimmie No Lip Boy

Decided to experiment with a "self designed bokeh," idea from some dude in Norway.
The experiment failed miserably, but it produced an odd object I can attach to the end of my lens for a faux-vignette effect. These photos are the result of me playing with my failure.
Not to bad really. Bottom right is what the odd object looks like.

Going to dog sit in Meadow Vista for a few days. Going to the cabin in Nevada City after that.
I expect massive backlog, with any luck.

Monday, December 13, 2010

12-29-10 Meth Fear, etc.

Festival of Lights Parade! Sugar Plump Fairies! Lights! Wigs! Terrible old men dressed as cats! I hadn't been involved with the parade since college, taking photos of it was amazing. It was like a very gentle concert, running at 5 miles an hour. Difficult to explain, but so damn fun to shoot. More of the Faries and the Parade here (

That was a beast of a URL. Anyway. Below right is the aforementioned dancin granny/meth fear project. If it isn't immediately obvious, I was taking photographs of the television. Not sure what the impetus for this project was, or if I will do more, but I am somewhat satisfied with the end result. The black and white girl with the scabs, and some of the talking heads are from a tape I got at the library titled "METH: The Great Deceiver." And that hesitant looking pale lady on the bottom row is from "Dancin Grannies, For the Beginner." I blew this composite up (using and put it on my door below my yip yip 8x10.

We have made a total of thirty frames for my upcoming Placer ARTS solo exhibition. I really need to recalculate the total amount of pieces that will be up, their size has changed a few times since my original figures. Wrapping it up, bottom left is my driveway. Thick fog and late work at our neighbors house resulted in that epicness.

I forgot watermarks.... ah to hell with it anyway.