Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Solano Land Trust and thoughts on Instagram

Hey hey hey! Long time no see! These here are photos from the Solano County Land Trust Member and Volunteer Appreciation BBQ.  The place was super pretty and I had a fun time taking photos of these nice folks.  Although I did get quite tired and used a cutting board as a pillow.

Things are just about wrapped up on the deliveries for my pals that backed A Photo Book For Lonesome Children.  Since I took so long getting myself together I'm sending everybody extra bits of cool stuff from the book.  So hopefully people like that.

Also I began using Instagram http://followgram.me/sean_leydon Instagram intrigues me.  There are a lot of photographers losing their minds about "the potentials of mobile photography" who rarely go into specifics about what they mean.  Hasn't photography always been a mobile medium?  Are they talking specifically about sharing their photography?  Where are we going as photographers if the focus is shifting to people NEEDING to see our work in lieu of producing the best work we can?  Who knows?!  I just know that it is an interesting way to see the world through the eyes of others, whenever I damn well please.

That is all for now friends!

PS Go see Looper if you haven't.  It's goddamned amazing!