Sunday, July 25, 2010

7-24-2010 Harcore Kids Love Captian Planet

Jessica was in town! That was rad. Went to The Boardwalk, a semi-shitty venue that I haven't been to since I was sixteen. Tons of screamo type of bands. Would've shot all of their sets regardless of our aesthetic differences, but Jessica was there (!) and hanging out with her in the back was drastically preferable to abandoning her to take pictures of bands I don't enjoy.

Did get up there eventually though, for the last two bands. Attila was good, though how much I enjoyed them last night may have been influenced by how much I didn't enjoy everything else. All the previous bands had adopted the screamo/hardcore/autotune "sound," while Attila veered closer to metalcore with some gnar gore vocals at points. So I dug all up on them after trying not to laugh at the other bands; though when it really comes down to it, at least them screamo fellas are pursuing their interests and expressing themselves creatively. Bottom photos are both Attila's set. Up top are the most diametrically opposed images available in The Boardwalk; peaceful and serene lighting alongside blown out marketing toilet.


  1. so glad that you're following, makes me happy :)

    i'm also a photographer (you mighta picked up on that from dA) and i like this visual diary one-image-a-day idea! looks great :D

  2. Man, remember bands like planesmistakenforstars? the good ole days. sigh.