Monday, December 13, 2010

12-29-10 Meth Fear, etc.

Festival of Lights Parade! Sugar Plump Fairies! Lights! Wigs! Terrible old men dressed as cats! I hadn't been involved with the parade since college, taking photos of it was amazing. It was like a very gentle concert, running at 5 miles an hour. Difficult to explain, but so damn fun to shoot. More of the Faries and the Parade here (

That was a beast of a URL. Anyway. Below right is the aforementioned dancin granny/meth fear project. If it isn't immediately obvious, I was taking photographs of the television. Not sure what the impetus for this project was, or if I will do more, but I am somewhat satisfied with the end result. The black and white girl with the scabs, and some of the talking heads are from a tape I got at the library titled "METH: The Great Deceiver." And that hesitant looking pale lady on the bottom row is from "Dancin Grannies, For the Beginner." I blew this composite up (using and put it on my door below my yip yip 8x10.

We have made a total of thirty frames for my upcoming Placer ARTS solo exhibition. I really need to recalculate the total amount of pieces that will be up, their size has changed a few times since my original figures. Wrapping it up, bottom left is my driveway. Thick fog and late work at our neighbors house resulted in that epicness.

I forgot watermarks.... ah to hell with it anyway.

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