Friday, May 20, 2011

05-13-2011 Midnight Ketchup Cravings at the Gates of Hell


Last weekend my ride or die FRIEND Anthony and I went back to Humboldt to retrieve some belongings at our old house and help shut the place down. We had some glorious times there, I feel that we shut it down with a right proper rambunction, without messing up any of the things we had repaired/cleaned already.

Got to see all my old crusty lookin friends because I planned the trip around a show at THEBIGTREE. Which is a good name for the place as I forgot the address. Still working on finishing the edits on most of the concert stuff. Trying to decide what to do with my really disorganized photo presence online. AH WELL.

The photos of the clearly drunk and awesome guy on the top right and bottom are my good friend Ross. He is an engineer. He had just graduated. His department gave him a ring of power to wear on his pinky. His new found powers clearly went straight to his head.

Maaaaaaan. I feel like I had a ton of profound knowledges to drop all over about my experience and how it was good to reconnect with old friends and stomp around. Oh damn well.

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