Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5-26-2011 Roast Pig and Running Children

From two separate events. Open House at Franklin Elementary, and the Mesa Memorial.

I remember Open Houses as being messy and chaotic. An excuse to go play on the undersized kindergarten playground. Mess about on the big field at night calling each other dirty names. This open house was not much different than that. The teacher I went with had a type of scavenger hunt worksheet for her kids to do, simultaneously showing their parents the things they made and learned. Every year in her class they focus on a specific country, the bottom left image is a painting of some scene in India. Pretty cool idea really.
Top left is kids playing some variant of wall ball. I remember this game faintly, you have to throw a tennis ball at a the wall. Then when it bounces off the wall everybody tries to catch it. Only if you flub the catch, you have to touch the wall before they can hit the wall with the ball. If you fail in that they get to throw the ball at your butt, execution style against the wall. Very fun to watch, particularly when there are way too many kids playing.

Images on the right are from the Mesa Memorial, an event my Aunt and Uncle on my mom's side of the family do every Memorial Day weekend. That's Fernando up there, hacking away at a roast pig with an axe. It's a tradition. Behind Fernando is Sommer (of Ramona Lou fame) with her boyfriend Graham. Had a damn fine time with those two.
Bottom right image is what I feel to be the best street photography style photograph I've ever taken. Look at what is going on there! So many looks and types of body language. Everybody figuring out who to talk to, where to go. It fascinates me.
I don't even care that it wasn't taken on a street. I feel that street photography is simply about people in semi-public places. Interacting, or simply being. But there is always an expectation of allure in the "street" photo, being curious to find out what is really going on.
That is all.

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