Thursday, July 28, 2011

7-28-2011 Zero History


I have been keeping myself from shooting digital recently. This is do to the fact that I shot 9 gigabytes of photos in a single day. My computer hated it. My workflow hated it. I was beginning to hate myself. So I took a step back, loaded some slide film into my Canon E-Lan, and took a full three weeks to finish off it's 36 exposures. Really took my time with the roll and with each exposure, examining the elements of the frame. And I am excited to get it processed. Apparently I'll have to send it all the damn way to San Francisco as absolutely nobody nearby does E6 chemicals anymore.

SO. These photos are from a small teen theater group called Breakfast Club Productions (if my memory serves). My parents non-profit The Sugar Plump Faries gave them a grant so they could do their production of Eurydice. The second I heard that they were going to perform it in an auto garage I wanted to take photos of 'em. The play was really impressive and great. GREAT. I still have to get these photos to them, but I'm sick to my ass of creating and maintaining an online presence...

SPEAKING (HYPOCRITICALLY) OF WHICH. Recently I got invited to get in on Google+. And it's fun as hell. It's built from the ground up to function however you want to use it. That may sound like a foolishly oblique and damnably vague thing to say, but it really is an impressive networking setup. Look me up if you're on there.

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