Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So What The Hell Else Is New?


Hi friends!

I was out of commission for a while because I blew my right wrist and hand pad while working on my photobook.  Which is 99.98% finished.  I should be sending off the final draft this Friday.  Hopefully.

In other news all the above photos were taken with my brand new Fujifilm x10!  It is a sweet powerful little camera.  I just got it last Tuesday.  I could go on AT LENGTH about its myriad features that are about to make my life easier, and the unexpected issues I've had with it.  Suffice to say most of the color adjustments, crops, and miscellaneous edits were done IN CAMERA.  Whoa man.  I just gotta find a RAW codec for this little fellas RAW file format (which is RAF, as in Royal Air Force or Radical Awesome Friend) and figure out how to manipulate MOV files on a PC.

So my output should be much more significant now that I have this neat little piece of technology.
Also looking at getting a website up.

That is all for now.
Over and out.
Via con dios.

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