Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8-28-2010 Howlers, Mutilators, Nekromantix

Show photos from last... what? Saturday. Yes. Saturday the Nekromantix played the Boardwalk in Orangevale. Howlers and The Mutilators opened. Whatever prefix you wanna add to billy (psycho, hell, rocka, punk, vomit) type of goodness abounded.

Howlers pictured on the bottom left were good, they got the normally boring Boardwalk crowd to move a bit, but they were nothing surprising. The Mutilators frontman (woman?), pictured top left was a real throwback to drape freakdom. That dude (dudette?) played in pantyhose, a long blond wig, and a blood drenched nurse uniform. The generally lousy Boardwalk crowd put up with this guys (gals?) antics to a surprisingly high degree. The Nekromantix destroyed. Duh. Kim Nekroman may be the most photogenic lead that I have ever shot, though you can't quite tell in the photo here (top right).

Brought my younger cousin, Elia to the show. She even hung around the edge of the pit! Yanked her out of there right before the encore, which was all for the best as most concert goers are all about climaxes. The crowd all went mad for the last Nekromantix song, and we slipped out a few seconds early.

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