Sunday, September 5, 2010

9-3-2010 Rest in Peace Zelda, Princess of the Foothills

Zelda was very old. We put her to sleep last Friday after a rapid decline in her health. Couldn't see, could hardly walk, wasn't eating or drinking. The dear heart. We were all there with her when she left, it was a relief to feel and watch her body relax peacefully.

When we first picked her up the staff at the pound told us that she had escaped, but had hung around the pound. This was the main reason my mom chose her, a smart dog that would stick around our property. So when my mom asked me if I had strong feelings about what we should do with her body, I said "We bury her in our yard. She knew this was where she belonged, we keep her here." Or something to that effect. It was a stressful day. We buried her down by the orange trees, some of which were sent to us by an insurance company (I think) after my grandpa on my mom's side died. Apparently they knew he liked citrus. So despite the oddness of their source, the trees have become a little special.

We've been working a lot this weekend. The table holding a small shrine for Zelda got swarmed with remodel flotsam and jetsam. I had a copious amount to drink the other night and proceeded to take a picture of my hand. I had also edited it a little, and it looked insane, huge blow outs and noise everywhere. The work also involved tinkering with our greywater dispersal system, spawning the top left photo. I basically got to play with water all day.

OTHERNEWSOTHERNEWS I got a letter from the Placer Arts Gallery Committee. They want to schedule me for my own show sometime in their 2011 calendar. Which is huge. Learning to use the miter saw tomorrow so I can start framing stuff. PSYCHED. Also looks like I'll be teaching photography at my old elementary school.
How things change.

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