Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10-28-2010 Aight Shit Goddamn

Been awhile since I've made myself do this, haven't been taking many photographs recently. Damn shame. A trip with that Chris Walstad today to take pictures of the sunset out in Lincoln reminded me to get behind the lens more often.

These photos are all from last weekend during a trip up North. Missed a lot of people. But maybe there are simply too many good people in Humboldt. That is a distinct possibility. All I really did was watch copious amounts of movies in my old house and drank like a... a what? A salmon or algae or something. Like it was my job. It was good, not depressing like it sounds.

And look at all the people in my photographs! I normally hate people in my viewfinder. But these all please me. From the bottom, no-look photos of people in a restaurant. This is a rare habit of mine, but when I have my gear with me, I like to shoot no-look photos of peoples faces in as they eat/converse in restaurants. I felt that these were particularly successful. The black and white images are from Halloween in Arcata. My gait becomes very forceful when I drink, so I stomped around the streets of Arcata taking blinding candids of the party goers. The resulting imagery is distorted in many ways. Got a water bottle thrown at me, but I think that it was unrelated.

The photo depicting multiple examples of gun violence was taken in the Fort House, my old place (even though I still talk about it as though I live there currently). It is a very odd photograph, mysterious and confusing. I was there and it still befuddles me. The last photograph up top is one of the newest additions to my decay project, for my upcoming show at ARTS in Auburn. I saw the building with this questionable health on the way to Arcata, and made sure to stop there on the way back.

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