Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10-5-2010 Obscura Mattress Fingers Tickle The AIDS Wolf


Made my first camera. Out of a bathroom. There it is up there, on the left. That is the view from my bathroom. Camera. Which needs to come down (I will destroy it tomorrow) before the blue tape does that weird I-used-to-be-malleable-but-then-I-changed-my-mind-and-ruined-all-your-stuff-tape-puberty thing. I'm not telling the secrets that I used to make the top right image, but I will share the facts that I used no photoshop (aside from the watermark) and that it was shot digitally.

Went to the 90.3 KDVS Restore Maximum Freedom shindig with Tina. To see AIDS Wolf (bottom left) although my PBR-addled brain didn't recognize them, even as I took photographs of them. I was all "Oh! Another woman-fronted harsh noise quintet! That's cool. When does AIDS wolf play?" during their set. Ludicrous, but I think that it made me enjoy them more honestly. Or something else that sounds less like drunken rationalization.

All the lopsided haircut, bra strap exposin, vintage shit wearin people there seemed to enjoy (or "get,") AIDS Wolf. They were one of the gentlest crowds I had ever encountered. Let me go wherever I wanted. I think the drunk middle aged farts on the grass at the Sleep Train Amphitheater when Steely Dan played there frightened me more. But I was about fourteen at that concert, and though all middle aged people made me wary back then; the hypothesis that middle aged men wearing club shirts and drinking beer from plastic cups are not to be trusted has certainly maintained its veracity.

Basically the incredibly hip are fun to look at, but generally harmless; while middle aged men who still "go to shows," are all little pieces of the Antichrist.

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