Saturday, December 4, 2010

11-15-10 to 11-28-10 Skate Fashionistas

Computer was down for a while, something had corrupted the registry keeping me from running any programs. So I read a lot of library books and developed a serious hankering for some vidya games. While the computer was on sick leave, my camera developed a bit of a back log.

Shot fashion type stuff for ramona lou in Auburn. That was a first. And it was insanely easy because the model had clearly done this before, or at least read enough magazines so she knew what to do. The skaters are from the Auburn skate park, one of the places I found myself with little work and without the ability to sink time into the computer. I was clearly an anomaly there. Thinking about pasting some photos up on the wall there. Maybe get a little side business going on.

It was good not having a computer, I think I spend less time on it now after not being able to use it for awhile. Started a new project the other day that that filled up my 4 gig CF card after about an hour of shooting. Its gonna be rad. It involves dancing grannies and meth fear. Kind of.

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