Saturday, March 5, 2011

3-4-2011 Fashion Shoot em Up with Ramona Lou

Went and did a photoshoot with crazy fancy vintage boutique Ramona Lou in Auburn yesterday. It was a good time. The model Olivia and I were insta buddies and everything was a joke. We even had a makeup artist, Tanya Hibbard, who did some damn fine work.

Anyway. My favorite two of the day are the bottom images. Particularly the bottom right. I really took it more for my own enjoyment than to give to Ramona Lou's. Just look at all that madness. That's the lot at the tire store in Auburn. Gah. I love that image.

So I realized the way I approach this fashion-type photography is an odd combination of the way I work while doing commercial studio stuff and my Beauty in the Breakage project. I don't direct the model at all, I just point my camera at em and make jokes. Really similar to the way I make little kids with soccer balls giggle by making fun of them or myself. There were some images I took yesterday, that if they hadn't had Olivia in them would've made perfectly appropriate images for Beauty in the Breakage. The faded colors and dirt and texture, it's all there.

If you wanna see the whole shoot, head over to the dump You can even download em!

Have a nice day.

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