Saturday, March 5, 2011

3-4-2011 Under the Freeway, Over the Tracks

Went exploring a little bit after meeting my cousin Vicki at Placer Arts to show her Beauty in the Breakage. She and her husband Brett had apparently beaten me there by a few minutes, they had seen my show already. Which is good! Perhaps they shared some candid remarks amongst themselves before le artiste could show up and censor their true feelings. Anyway, I took em back inside and turned on my carefully pointed spotlights so they could TRULY experience the show. Hah!

As I was saying, while I was waiting for my other cousin Elia to get off work, I eventually found myself down on the railroad tracks in this cavernous overpass built to accompany seven lanes of traffic above and large trains below. It was an imposing place. There is a possibility that I am becoming obsessed with it.
A good possibility.

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