Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5-3-2011 Robot Slaves Bring Me Sugar Candy

It must be subconscious. Whenever I do fashion photography, I end up doing skate photography soon after. All the other times it was within the same week, by chance. Not this time. I finished the HIGH FASHION photoshoot and thought to myself "Well what the hell am I gonna do now?" So I went to the skate park to see what I could see. Just what about fine clothing reminds me of juvenile delinquents? I've got to get to the bottom of this.

Anyway. There's Olivia! Up there! Olivia is the easiest person to take photos of, I just point my lens her way and tell her to wiggle. I know to stop when my buffer is full. Shooting with her at Ramona Lou is great fun. No stress or worries. It's basically hanging out with people I really dig, only there is a mild objective to our time together. Fantastic. Experimented with the presentation a bit. I think it worked out pretty damn well. It increases the efficiency of my workflow, decreases the raw amount of data to upload, and gives the viewer a better feeling for the outfits.

Meet up with Archie at the skate park. Taking photos at the skate park is how I met Archie in the first damn place! Huh. Think on that. So some guys were playing skate (horse with boards in lieu of balls) near the entrance. It was way too crowded to get anything worthwhile; also I ignored my telephoto when setting out for Ramona Lou. Maybe coulda gotten some good facial expressions if I had brought the tele. So I climbed the retaining wall and got some really extreme angle composites. The only ones that worked out were Archies. I'm not even being biased. I guess I was only there for about 20-30 minutes, makes sense that I didn't come away with much that works.

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