Monday, June 28, 2010

06-28-2010 New School Newcastle Grafitti

This blows my mind. I found this single run stencil in my hometown of Newcastle CA, population 1,000. The only culture here is a blues club and the volunteer fire department. It is a small place.

That there has ever been street art in Newcastle, ever, even once is completely cool and bizarre. This piece could be a tribute to George Bush, but as long as it's a god damn stencil in god damn Newcastle I would be for it. Oh yes.

My father and I spent most of today repairing and testing the pipe that brings us ditch water. We were dirty, sweaty and annoyed.

The season being summer in California, we have many fires. These fires cast an orange tint in the air, this combined with my contrast boosting orange filter made our work shoes invariably epic looking.

Wanted to send this to Jones Soda, but their website keeps glitching on me.

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