Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6-30-2010 Repairs to the Pipe, the Search Ends

We finally tracked down the source of leakage in the pipe. Or that is to say, my father found it when the loose soil caused by the leak tried to eat his leg. We dug out a canal to drain the water from the hole, we didn't turn the pipe off because that would cause it to fill with dirt and nasty crud. So we spent some hours (I lost all track of time) in digging out the hole and trench to patch a simple nickel sized hole. But that was just this late afternoon.

This morning I was on Scott Hurran's property using a gas powered hedge trimmer to devastate blackberry bushes that had completely overgrown our water pipe, some parts were about twenty feet tall. That was some madness. I have a longstanding hatred for blackberries, so when I have to trim them I tend to behave as if I am engaged in mortal combat. The bottom left image is only a part of Scott's property. He collects stuff. Carburetors. Golf carts. Insulation. Radiators. I saw half of a van. There are some lanes between all the stuff, and I find it quite peaceful. Bottom right is some street photography from Auburn. I was waiting for my print guy, Pekka, to get back from lunch as I had some prints to pick up. The square in the image is a newly redesigned chunk of downtown. Now it has a bonfire pit. And a tall thing for photographers to stand on.

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