Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6-29-2010 Frank, Hank, and the Search for Water

We spent some time today looking for the pipe that brings water to our house from a canal. It is an interesting prospect, the one thing we need above all else is piped underground some 500 feet to our house from a simple cement ditch that again is sourced from somewhere far away. The two men pictured in the driveway are my father Michael (left) and our neighbor Carl, our pipe runs through his property and Michael is convinced we have a leak, so Carl was showing us around in an attempt to find the leak.

The dogs name is Hank. It is a perfect name for such a huge lummox child dog. See that thing he is chewing on? It's a fence. I'm smitten. Such is my sentiment for every dog I've ever met.

The other man in the pictures is our direct neighbor Frank Herrera. He is either first generation or immigrated from Mexico. Frank worked for Union Pacific as some type of machinist for thirty years. They transferred him all the way to Denver a few years before he would be eligible for retirement, but they couldn't shake him. He called their bluff and they transferred him back quickly. Now he spends his days driving to various dumps and scrapyards, buying more stuff for projects around his house. He built a fence in the middle of his asphalt driveway, just to use the parts and for something to do. Some people never truly retire.


  1. I like your blog. Especially your observations about Frank. He realized at least part of his dream. Maybe more than I realize.

  2. I fall in love with canines every day as well. Dig this post.