Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9-22-2010 I don't care about the color of your eyes

Work has finally congealed into a thing I can manage, although I'm still too busy with it to do much else. Work aside there has been progress on my ARTS exhibition; met with Shawn the secretary/assistant/load-bearing pillar of ARTS to figure out what I need to do, measured the walls etc. Mikie has taught me how to use the miter, table, and circular saws, but we're going to work together this Thursday and Friday to try and put the first frame together.

I just picked up the first run of ten prints from my print guy Pekka the other day. For the show I'm going to use a combination of 35mm color slides I shot in Humboldt, along with new digital work in the same vein (right images) that I've done here in Placer. I was worried about the digital images not having the same richness in tone and color, but given the the fact I shot in RAW, the sly edits I did to them, and Pekkas ability as a printer, they came out great.

The weather has begun to change its mind, nights are consistently cold. Bottom left image was the first truly epic cloud formation of the Fall. I took it on my way to class, and everyone inquired if I had taken such an image. They were pleasantly surprised, those valley people all have to look straight up at the weather, but not we hill folk. Top left is Mikie laughing at something Jimmy said during a fancy dinner party we had. It got cold enough that we were forced inside. Can't even say how nice the cold feels. It's about damn time.

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