Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3-15-2011 Abstract Roses

Where the hell did these come from? I don't take photos like these. Pretty flowers? Indecipherable madness? I HAD SOMETHING TO PROVE TO MYSELF. Maybe. Don't know. But these are certainly outliers.

In other news. My reception was superb. Saw tons of people I hadn't seen in ages. Successfully added a ton of other elements (multiple bands, wine, food, bald teenage girls etc.) to make it feel like the whole thing was more than "HEY EVERYBODY SEE HOW I AM AN ARTIST IT IS AWESOME."

Nobody can truly claim to be an island you know. Very basic sociological thought about creating culture etc ad nasum. Something makes all of us, thus I feel deeply indebted to everybody that has supported me. Basically I am the most humble person ever. Don't even think about challenging me to a humble competition, my complete lack of ego will ABSOLUTELY DESTROY YOU before the contest of ultimate humility truly begins.

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